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Western Excelsior Mulch

Western Excelsior produces a series of Hydraulic Erosion Control Products (HECPs) to provide a range of solutions for applications where a hydraulically applied material yields a satisfactory, cost-effective solution. HECPs are available in a nearly infinite number of combinations of fiber type(s), tackifier, polymer and additives. Western Excelsior mulches conform with many specifications and are recognized as value-focused products for use in a variety of scenarios.

Western Excelsior mulches are all completely free of weed seed and machine produced for consistency and reliability. All products are available with and without dye. Customer specific tackifer may be added to Base Mulch products, upon request. All Western Excelsior products are manufactured for trouble-free application in almost any hydraulic application equipment.

Mulch Examples

Western Excelsior Mulch Products
Product Description Best Use Compare
(Up to 3)
Aspen Turbo Mulch Aspen Wood / Cellulose Fiber Blend Mulch Basic Revegetation
100% Aspen Mulch Aspen Wood Fiber Mulch Basic Revegetation
Aspen Turbo Tack Aspen Wood / Cellulose Fiber Blend Mulch with Tackifier Light Duty Erosion Control
Aspen Tack Mulch Aspen Wood Fiber Mulch with Tackifier Light Duty Erosion Control
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