Western Excelsior is a unique single-source supplier of straw, coconut/straw, 100% coconut, geo-composites and 100% synthetic erosion control blankets and mats.

Green blades of grass wearing the morning dew

Western Excelsior manufacturing facilities are located in Campbell, Texas, Centre, Alabama, Macon, Georgia, Poseyville, Indiana, and the corporate offices are located in Evansville, Indiana. Western Excelsior maintains an extensive network of distributors with offices from coast to coast.

In the beginning, Western Excelsior utilized timber harvested from logging initiatives aimed at dramatically reducing forest fires in the Rocky Mountains, manufacturing machine-produced excelsior since 1977. In the years since, our erosion and sediment control product lines have expanded to include the use of a wide range of rapidly-renewable materials.

Western Excelsior produces a wide variety of Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECPs) and sediment control products. All these materials provide engineered environmental stewardship with a product that is produced primarily of rapid-renewable and pre-consumer recycled materials. Using Western Excelsior products can aid in LEED certification while reducing pollution, and enhancing vegetation establishment. Western Excelsior provides the ultimate partnership between nature and technology, using natural resources engineered to preserve our natural landscapes — "Blanketing Nature with Nature."

Our products are engineered to provide maximum ecological stewardship while delivering the best value for our customers.

Western Excelsior is a proud member of the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) and an active member and supporter of the Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC) and the Quality and Data, Oversight and Review program (QDOR).

"Blanketing Nature with Nature"

Western Excelsior also manufactures a variety of alternative Erosion Control Blankets (ECBs), Sediment Control Products, Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs) and High-Performance TRMs (HPTRMs) to meet any project need or specification.

By operating manufacturing plants and storage facilities in strategic locations across the country, Western Excelsior is positioned to provide economical erosion and sediment control solutions to any project. No matter the requirement, Western Excelsior is ready to meet the challenge.

Western Excelsior products include:

  • Straw Matrix ECBs in Single, Double, All Natural and Rapid Degradable Netting
  • Natural-Green dyed Straw Matrix ECBs using the patent-pending Speedy Green process
  • Coconut/Straw Matrix ECBs in Regular and All Natural Netting
  • Coconut Matrix ECBs in Regular and All Natural Netting
  • Turf Reinforcement Mats in a Series of Configurations
  • High-Performance TRMs in a Series of Configurations
  • Straw Matrix Sediment Control Logs with Synthetic Netting
Manufacturing Excelsior Rolled Erosion Control Blankets
A field of straw bales in a beautiful sunset

Quantifiable Performance, Field Proven Success

Although other manufacturers may provide a variety of products, Western Excelsior's dedication to quantifiable performance and field proven success yields a significant advantage for the customer, specifier and the environment. Western Excelsior evaluates all its products via state-of-the practice testing protocols including full-scale laboratory field trials, leveraged by way of industry leading documented performance.

WesternExcelsior.com provides standard documentation and product information for basic support of all Western Excelsior products including:

  • Standard Certificate of Origin
  • Standard Certificate of Conformance
  • Standard Certificate of Delivery
  • Standard LEED Documentation
  • Product Specification Documentation
  • Product Performance Documentation
  • Product Installation Instructions (English and Spanish, pdf and dwg)
  • Product MSDS Documentation
  • Product CSI Format Specifications for Requiring Product in Project Plans

Technical bulletins, industry updates, educational tools, industry links and other support information are also available on WesternExcelsior.com.

In addition to the wide variety of performance based erosion and sediment control solutions, outstanding technical support, and superior customer support, Western Excelsior provides a comprehensive warranty on all products provided. To contact a sales representative for your area, please visit the Sales Contacts page. To reach the main office, dial 1-866-540-9810.

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