A Company Born from Excelsior

Environmentally-Conscious Products

Based on providing economical and superior performance products over the last 30 years, Western Excelsior Corporation has grown by providing environmentally-conscious products, and by building lasting customer relationships.

Our start came from harvesting Aspen excelsior from forest management activities prescribed to reduce forest fire risk. Individual trees were harvested, de-barked, then stored outside to dry, then segmented and shaved to form the Excelsior fiber. This excelsior fiber was then used to produce packing material, mulch, and erosion and sediment control products.

Golden aspens against a blue sky

Over the last 30 years, Western Excelsior has expanded its product line to include a broad range of erosion and sediment control products, utilizing additional renewable resources. While in recent years we have stopped producing excelsior fiber products, our company roots from the same principles — "Blanketing nature with nature".

The Company Timeline

Western Excelsior is founded in Mancos, Colorado, focusing on manufacturing machine-produced Aspen excelsior fiber from superior quality, high-altitude Aspen trees.
First fiber mat machines are brought to the US, and Excel excelsior fibered erosion control blankets are produced.
Product line expands with additional renewable fibered products including straw and coconut-based products.
Western Excelsior Corporation is bought by a family-owned entity and business headquarters are created in Evansville, Indiana.
A second manufacturing facility opens in Macon, Georgia, doubling the manufacturing capabilities of the company
Western Excelsior Corporation acquires North American Green gaining two additional production facilities in Poseyville, Indiana and Centre, Alabama. From the acquisition WEC becomes the largest erosion control manufacturer.
May 2017
Facility fire at Mancos, Colorado facility halts all aspen excelsior production indefinitely.
Campbell, Texas manufacturing facility opens, and final production closes at the original Mancos, Colorado site.
Legacy Excelsior Products Archive
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