Ultra Short Term Erosion Control Blankets (ECBs) are designed and manufactured to degrade rapidly. These products offer the same high level of performance as the longer lasting varieties of the same type, however, the shorter break-down period reduces the time footprint of the material. Ultra Short Term materials are ideally suited for areas where mowing will be expected soon after vegetation establishment and where vegetation is expected to establish quickly. Netting and thread of these materials consists of a photo-degradable, synthetic material; constructed with ultra-violet degradation accelerant components. The matrix of the blankets is biodegradable. Western Excelsior produces a wide range of Ultra Short Term ECBs to meet any project performance requirement.

Ultra Short Term Erosion Control Products photos
Ultra Short Term Erosion Control Products photos
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Ultra Short Term Erosion Control Products (45 Days to 90 Days)
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Excel SR-1 Rapid Go Rapid Degradable, Single Net Straw Blanket S
Excel SS-2 Rapid Go Rapid Degradable, Double Net Straw Blanket C
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