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E3C Volume 7 - Introduction to PP5-Xtreme 04_06_10 Western Excelsior brings continuously woven Turf Reinforcement Technology to the PP5 line of TRMs with PP5-Xtreme. The new material has been engineered to provide excellent vegetation establishment and protection.
E3C Volume 6 - Introduction to TACKMATs 12_10_09 Western Excelsior brings treated ECB technology to straw blankets, providing industry leading performance and economy for low-gradient/low-risk situations.
E3C Volume 5 - Introduction to TACKMATx 06_01_09 Western Excelsior brings a new level of performance in slope protection with the introduction of TACKMATx. The polymer infused excelsior blanket has been engineered to yield optimal performance and economy.
E3C Volume 4 - Sediment Control Logs - Versatile Value 02_24_09 Volume 4 presents an introduction to sediment control practices, in particular sediment control logs.
E3C Volume 3 - Introduction to EED - Erosion Design Software Developed by Western Excelsior 12_1_07 Western Excelsior has developed a state of the art design tool for erosion control professionals. Discover the features and attributes of Excel Erosion Design (EED) in E3C Volume 3.
E3C Volume 2 - The Excelsior Advantage 11_01_07 Volume 2 of E3C presents the Excelsior Story and explains the virtues and advantages of utilizing Excelsior ECBs.
E3C Volume 1 - How to Identify and Use Quality Straw Blankets 08_01_07 Often times it is difficult to differentiate between Temporary Straw Erosion Control Blankets produced by alternative vendors. However, quality and performance always matter. Learn about how to identify and use top quality straw blankets in E3C Volume 1.
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